Our Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Winter Treatment

Moss Control

We apply a heavy dose of moss control and iron to feed and toughen your grass over the winter months.

We recommend the following 4 treatment programme to ensure your lawn has the appropriate nutrients it requires throughout the year.  Our treatment programme will also control weeds and moss. We will also help you decide what level of essential lawn care you require and price the best possible plan to your budget.

Our lawn treatments will not disappoint - you will have a greener, healthier lawn within just a few days, enabling you to sit back and enjoy your garden.  All our treatments are safe for children and animals. 

Summer Treatment

Growth and Control Trickier Weeds.

We adjust our application to ensure no scorch in the drier weather.  Essential feed and nutrients for health and liquid herbicide for weed control.

Spring Treatment

Growth and Weed Control.

We will apply an application of balanced fertiliser for spring growth and a liquid herbicide for weed control.

Autumn Treatment

Root Development

We apply an application of Phospherous and Potassium feed for root development and moss control.

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