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Why are you different to other lawn care companies, gardeners?

Unlike other lawn care companies, we do not use a 'one size fits all' treatment programme.  We have developed methods that allow us to use bespoke lawn treatments for each of our customers. We take weather and local conditions into account when we treat your lawn, which makes our treatments more effective.

When is the best time of year to start my lawn treatments?

There is no particular time of year to start. Our lawn care treatment service works on the basis of applying essential treatments at specific times of the year. We can improve the health and appearance of your lawn at any time of the year by applying the relevant lawn care treatment applicable to the current weather conditions and requirements of your lawn.

My lawn is beyond repair – can you help?

Our lawn care services can even rescue some of the most neglected lawns. Our lawn treatments will gradually kill weeds and control moss and other conditions such as thatch and soil compaction which encourage moss and weeds. We have the experience, knowledge, products and equipment to ensure that we make the best out of your lawns. Many of the products we use are not available to the public or most general gardeners.

I already have a gardener or person who cuts my grass?

We will not replace your gardener.  We will simply compliment the mowing work they do by ensuring that the lawn receives the specific nutrients and treatments it requires.  Your gardener may not be qualified or able to provide these treatments or have access to the products and equipment that we use.  In fact many gardeners recommend our services to their customers.

We work and no-one is home during the week?

You do not have to be at home as long as we have access to your lawns.  We will call you at regular intervals to arrange to treat and provide care for your lawn.

How do your lawn care services work?

The aims of our professional lawn care treatments are simple:

  • To produce greener, healthier lawns

  • To rid your lawn of weeds, moss, and pests

  • To treat patches, blemishes and thatch


We can provide one off or ongoing lawn maintenance treatments and we will work with you and advise the seasonal treatments needed for the upkeep of your lawn.

What treatment does my lawn need and how much does it cost?

We will come and survey your lawn and as part of this survey, we will prepare a lawn care program for you.  This will recommend the seasonal treatments to ensure that your lawn has the appropriate nutrients it requires throughout the year.  We will also price the best possible plan to your budget.  We offer great value for money compared to buying DIY products and our lawn treatments produce better long term results.


We also offer additional lawn maintenance such as scarifying, aeration, spiking, top dressing and seeding.  If you are interested in any of these services, let us know but we will usually advise you about these during your survey.

How do I know that you can improve my lawn?

You do not pay until you start to see results.  Unlike other lawn care companies - with us there are NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN.

What other lawn treatments will I need?

From time to time it is recommended that your lawn would benefit from other lawn treatments. We will provide you with a regular update on your lawn and will only recommend other treatments if they are necessary and essential to the health and appearance of the lawn.