At Expert Lawn Care, we specialise in laying and maintaining lawns and turf.  We are not landscapers who lay patios or cut hedges. We only work with lawns and turf and we can supply and lay turf for you.


Like most projects laying a lawn is all about preparation. We will survey your lawn and if it cannot be saved, then we will produce an itemised quotation that will allow you to decide how much you wish to spend having a brand new lawn installed.


Stages required to lay a new lawn:

  • Survey and identify area to be turfed

  • Kill the existing lawn

  • Remove the existing lawn and/or soil if required

  • Rotivate or aerate the existing soil to remove compaction

  • Supply, deliver and add sand/top soil to improve drainage

  • Install underground drainage

  • Level undulations

  • Smooth soil to conform to the contours of your garden

  • Cut and lay quality turf to create a finished surface


We will provide you with a lawn care program to show you how to look after your new lawn.


Together we can work out what you want to spend your money on to ensure that you have the best quality lawn that you can afford.

Contact us and we will give you a quote.