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Autumn can be a vulnerable time for grass. The warm weather combined with damp conditions can create ideal conditions for lawn diseases to attack the grass.

When we treat your lawn we always check for diseases. Moss is the biggest problem faced by the majority of lawns particularly those lawns on clay soils, which are common in Sussex. Late summer early autumn is the key time to start applying moss control to kill the moss in the lawn.  

For this treatment, we apply another application of our broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control any new weed growth, plus a low nitrogen high potassium and phosphorous fertiliser for root development, combined with an initial application of moss control.

Autumn Lawn Treatment

For this treatment, we will apply a feed containing essential trace elements combined with a very heavy dose of moss control. As moss is the biggest problem facing your lawn, it is vital that it is controlled and not allowed to develop.


Heavy moss will be controlled by our moss treatment but the dead moss plant does not decompose easily, so your lawn may require scarifying to remove the dead moss and thatch from the lawn.  This will create space to allow grass growth to regenerate. If your lawn is scarified, the moss removed may leave patches in your lawn, so overseeding with grass seed may also be required. 


During this treatment, we also check for any insect damage or traces of lawn disease.

Winter Lawn Treatment

This treatment is an application of slow controlled release no scorch fertiliser to encourage the grass to grow thick and healthily. The balance of the nutrients in this feed is changed to increase the amount of phosphorous and potassium and decrease the nitrogen content as the demands of the grass plant change.


Our treatments ensure that there are sufficient nutrients to nourish the grass for up to 10–13 weeks. The fertilisers are slow controlled release and do not have to be watered in; although if the lawn is dry, watering in will produce quicker results.


The Early Summer treatment also includes an application of a broad spectrum systemic liquid herbicide, which is used to control weeds, including the more difficult weeds such as speedwells, trefoils and clover.

Summer Lawn Treatment

Spring Lawn Treatment

This can be the most important time of the year. There is plenty of moisture about and the ground is starting to warm. These conditions are ideal for the grass plant to grow vigorously but the grass requires the right amount and mix of nutrients to sustain it and to take full advantage of the conditions to grow and develop. The treatment includes:


  • Application of specialist fertiliser

  • Professional feed for healthy growth

  • Treatment and control of moss and weeds


This treatment will help the long term development of a greener, healthier lawn. If the grass is short of food it will not grow healthily and weak grass will allow moss and weeds to develop.


Healthy, rapid grass growth will limit weed, moss and annual meadow (couch) grass development. We also apply an efficient liquid systemic broad spectrum liquid herbicide to control common weeds such as dandelions, butter cups, daisies, plantains and start to control clover and other more stubborn weeds.

Our Seasonal Treatments Explained